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Rob Stone, LMFT
licensed  marriage & family  therapist  #13610
Avenue San Luis     Woodland Hills,  CA  91364

     I have always felt uncomfortable with the indirect, manipulative and authoritarian procedures too often associated with trancework.
     My Hypnotherapy procedures are based upon clear, direct, respectful communication with my clients.
Training in Clinical Hypnotherapy will be conducted in an individual or small group format;  as you prefer.
This allows for a very flexible learning experience. For example, you can attend weekly or alternating weeks. You can take off for illnesses, vacations, holidays weddings, etc.
Finally, whereas  my  private practice fee is $140/hour I  give  my  colleagues a  courtesy  rate  of  only  $50/hour.
I do this because I love teaching, I love working with other therapists, and there are no insurance forms.
You will receive extensive materials which, over time, will all be explained in your instruction.
I can describe and explain procedures to you; or, I can demonstrate procedures for you with you as the subject.
You can bring in a volunteer for me to work with while you observe; or, you can work with the volunteer and I can provide feedback for you after he or she  has left.
Hypnosis is a wonderful therapeutic tool and it has numerous areas of application but we will focus on the areas which are of special interest to you. 
     Clinical Hypnotherapy cannot be learned in weekend workshops or crash courses. It cannot
be learned by reading books. It can only be passed on from clinician to clinician over time through personalized instruction and live demonstrations.