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Rob Stone, LMFT
licensed  marriage & family  therapist  #13610
Avenue San Luis     Woodland Hills,  CA  91364


Currently I am in my 37th year of private practice. I have worked with clients from 5 to 84 years old. I've worked with teachers, teenagers, university professors, housewives, drug addicts, alcoholics, ex-cons, athletes, lawyers, psychotherapists, doctors, dentists, aerospace engineers, computer programmers, business owners and executives, CPAs, Catholic priests, Nuns, Presbyterian ministers, rabbis, artists, theater, opera, movie and television stars, writers, producers, directors, rockstars, composers, nurses, airline pilots, secretaries, morticians, authors, pregnant women, blended families, step-parents, single mothers and more.

I've  helped  clients suffering from anxiety, phobias,  panic attacks, acute post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder,  eating and binging disorders, depression, thought  disorders, mood disorders, impulse and behavior disorders, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders, autism, test-anxiety and learning disabilities.
I've worked with clients who have had eating, smoking, drug and alcohol addictions, diabetes, strokes, amputations, multiple sclerosis, shingles, polio, migraine headaches, cancer, heart disease and chronic pain.
I've counseled purpetrators such as molesters, adulterers and batterers. I've also counseled victims of incest, rape, molestation and violent crimes. 

I've counseled gay men and lesbian women. 
I've done pre-marital counseling and I've counceled couples married over 50 years.


 1975 BA in Psychology:  Cal-State, Northridge

1977  MA in Counseling: Cal-State, Northridge

1979  LMFT license # 13610

1979 Intern Supervisor at Tarzana Psychiatric Hospital
 Ran  the  largest  intern  progam   in  
 Los  Angeles County  supervising  18  LMFT  
 and  LCSW   interns  for two years.

1979  Certification to use Clinical Hypnotherapy #425
1980  Approved by the state of California licensing
           board to teach Clinical Hypnotherapy.
Taught 40-hour course on Clinical Hypnotherapy
for LMFT's seeking state certification. Since then I have lectured to, instructed, and supervised more than 2,000 students, interns and licensed psychotherapists in the use of Hypnosis pro-cedures to help their clients with a  wide variety of  personal  concerns. I have taught for CSU Northridge, UC Santa Barbara, California Lutheran College, Antioch University and more.

1982  Founded Listen & Learn

Wrote and produced 16 audio cassette programs in   the   field  of   psychology   which     sold     at 95 university bookstores including: UCLA, USC, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, UCSD, UCSB, NYU, Brown, Hofstra, Johns Hopkins, U of Michigan, Washington and more.